Aftab Qureshi - Westknight Marketing

The Story

I am Aftab Qureshi. My story goes like this. My first ever professional job was as a project management consultant, selling project management software and consulting services to the aerospace industry.

Working with other senior, more experienced consultants, who were well known in the industry for their expertise, I learned how to sell to blue chip B2B clients. I learned how to approach them, how to find their pain points (in high tech project management) and how to present Monitor, our industry leading computerized project management software. In 1986, when Microsoft was experimenting with the DOS versions of their Microsoft Project, we were selling Monitor to aerospace and precious metals clients.

Consultative sales, the style I learnt in those years in B2B selling, would always remain with me. In my career spanning 20+ years, I would sell countless complex products and services to ever so demanding Tier 1 clients, but only where they made sense for their business. 

This is what I am offering to you now. Consultative inside sales – Finding those clients for you who really need your services. Its quite simple if you think about it. If they really need your services, they will buy from you, love you and stay with you. This is what I ask all our team members at Westknight. Find those clients for you who truly need your services. This is the key to everyone’s success.

What’s your story?